Some people hate flying

I love it. Sometimes it can be a pain in the butt but then I remember how amazing it is.

Wolfe Air Reel from 3DF on Vimeo.


50 Shades of Code

Since mid April, I’ve added or updated 109,725 lines of code to the site, with an average of 150 char per line and using a balance of 10/90% added vs updated, this equates to writing a rough average of 164,588 words. To compare to writing a book, using an average of 50 lines per page, this results in approximately 2,195 pages.

The average novel is considered to be 40,000 words so means I’ve written roughly the equivalent of 4 novels and a short story.

I could make more money writing a book but I don’t think people would read 50 Shades of Code.


Best Live Video Event: V8 Supercars

Getting the live stream up for the first round of the season was on a ridiculously intense timeline, so it was nice to get this in response.



Chevy Viral Ad

This is so good, that’s how you make an ad!


Kid Quote – Zoe

Me to Zoe: Ready to get dressed?

Zoe: Yes, Princess dress.

Me: What does a princess do? (In my mind thinking society sets this image of being a princess and in reality the end result is a Paris Hilton, I would hope she’ll instead inspire to be a doctor, scientists over even a race car driver, completely over thinking the possible response…)

Zoe: Spin in circles.

Me: :-)


The area around my office has some pretty awesome 4G speeds, so when I was tethering my iPad to my phone via bluetooth, I was surprised that the speed wasn’t as fast as I expected. I was connected via bluetooth instead of WiFi to experiment on battery usage, theory being that bluetooth would draw less current and therefore use less battery.

So I did a quick Speedtest and the results were no where near what I have previously experienced in the area, in fact it immediately topped out at 1.4Mbps when I often get somewhere between 14 and 20Mbps. Turned off bluetooth and switched back to WiFi, connecting to the same device and the usual speeds returned. Of course this depends on the versions of bluetooth on each device, one device could have v3.0 which is capable of 24 Mbps, while the other might be lower version with consequently lower speed capabilities.

So if you want higher speeds, “WiFi Hotspot” is the way to go.



Love my Foxtel, couldn’t live without it now, which is something I promised my wife wouldn’t happen. The way they program their channels is good, not saying I could do any better but I still think they could be slightly better, it’s not quite intuitive enough at the moment. Although that’s being picky I have to admit.

I also really like the way they create, or more often inherit good sub-brands for various channels, Fox8, History Channel, the various sports channel etc. But what I’ve found interesting, and annoying, is the life cycle these brands have and the limited time they have to prove themselves. Recently SoHo has replaced W as well as new channels like A&E and FX. Now don’t get me wrong, FX is awesome! If I had to create a channel based on my favourite genres, FX would be it.

So because of that, what drives me crazy, is these sub-brands barely exist, FX is barely 9 months old and already they are ripping it apart. You have shows like The Walking Dead, Hell On Wheels, reclaimed shows like The Shield and Alias and then they go and throw in Ultimate Fighter? Huh?! I thought the branding was gritty and mysterious, and then they go and throw sport into the mix? Lost me on that one, just hope they don’t ruin the great sub-brand they’ve only just started creating.

FX Channel Australia Facebook Page

FX Channel Australia, what does that have to do with UFC?


After having to give back the SIII from leaving the T, I thought at least I can then get the SIII 4G which I picked up this afternoon.

Seemed pretty quick on the internettering, so I thought wouldn’t it be interesting if it was actually as fast as the landline.

Did not expect this!

Landline vs Mobile


Oran Park

Took a quick few laps around iRacing’s reincarnation of the great Sydney race track, Oran Park Raceway, last night.

It’s certainly looks accurate and feels like it should, the old muscle memory seemed to sync up.



Carl Sagan Technology Quote